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Amsterdam-Batavia Route I - Fokker F.VII of V.IIb-3M

Your airplane is parked at the ramp at Schiphol East. Mail and food are on-board of the Fokker aircraft. We have to wait a few minutes for the other pilot since he's taking his last Dutch cup of coffee and then we can go. Take off from runway 04 or 22 and heading to Prague.
Tip: Before starting a leg read the diary of our reporter Angelique van Campen who already made this trip. She gives in her daily report usefull tips which can help you succeeding your flight.
Leg From To Distance Flight time Diary
1 EHAM - Schiphol LKKB - Kbely 825 Km 7:30 Read
2 LKKB - Kbely LYBE - Belgrade 800 Km 8:40 Read
3 LYBE - Belgrade LTBW - Hezarfen 1150 Km 8:15 Read
4 LTBW - Hezarfen LTAE - Akinci AB 400 Km 4:45 Read
5 LTAE - Akinci AB OSAP - Aleppo Intl 670 Km 6:07 Read
6 OSAP - Aleppo Intl ORBI - Baghdad Intl 800 Km 6:45 Read
7 ORBI - Baghdad Intl OIBB - Bushehr 920 Km 7:22 Read
8 OIBB - Bushehr OIKB - Bandar Abbass Intl 670 Km 5:23 Read
9 OIKB - Bandar Abbass Intl OPKC - Jinnah Intl 1180 Km 9:00 Read
10 OPKC - Jinnah Intl VIJO - Jodhpur AB 1200 Km 8:00 Read
11 VIJO - Jodhpur AB VIAL - Allahabad 820 Km 6:45 Read
12 VIAL - Allahabad VECC - Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose In 770 Km 6:12 Read
13 VECC - Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose In VYSW - Sittwe 650 Km 5:45 Read
14 VYSW - Sittwe VYYY - Yangon Intl 700 Km 6:23 Read
15 VYYY - Yangon Intl VTBD - Bangkok Intl 790 Km 6:45 Read
16 VTBD - Bangkok Intl VTSS - Hat Yai Intl 865 Km 5:47 Read
17 VTSS - Hat Yai Intl WIMM - Kualanamu International Airport 563 Km 5:05 Read
18 WIMM - Kualanamu International Airport WIPP - Sultan M Badaruddin Ii 960 Km 7:51 Read
19 WIPP - Sultan M Badaruddin Ii WIII - Soekarno-Hatta Intl 660 Km 4:56 Read

According to the old history we have to obey certain rules and regulations for this Amsterdam-Batavia route. It was flown of course under VFR conditions (VMC). During the Fokker period there where not even ADF (NDB) or VOR radio beacons available. Since we have to fly as "real as it get's", you will find here a list of rules and regulations to follow.

  • Your flights must be flown online with IVAO or Vatsim.

  • All flights must be flown under VFR (VMC) conditions.
    That means that flights are made during daylight (15 minutes before sunrise till 15 minutes before sunset) and under VMC weather conditions.

  • Maximum flight altitude for Fokker airplanes is 4500 feet. Where there are mountains on your route of more then 4500 feet, you need to adjust your flightplan and fly around it.

  • Starting point is the apron at Schiphol East.

  • Runway in use is always 04-22 (remember that in those days there was no Schiphol as we know it now, so no other runways).

  • You can only fly the Amsterdam-Batavia route I with the Fokker VIIa, F.XIIa-3m.

  • To log your flight you must enter BATAVIA1 in the IVAP flightplan at the "Extra information field".