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Here you are ... at the beginning of a new adventure or let's say "back in time". You're about to start one of the famous historical routes.
For each route flown you deserve a batch, so you (an others) can see this in your profile.

There are four routes available to be flown:

  • Amsterdam-Batavia I
    The route to Batavia is divided into 19 legs with an average of 800 kilometers per stretch
  • Amsterdam-Batavia II
    The route to Batavia is divided into 22 legs with an average of 700 kilometers per stretch
  • London-Melbourne
    The route to Melbourne is divided into 19 legs with an average of 1056 kilometers per stretch
  • Mauritius route
    The route to Batavia via Mauritius is divided into 11 legs with an average of 2600 kilometers per stretch
The following tabs are available for each route:

Map and Route
Once you are logged in, you see your own map with the route you flown. When you start there will be nothing drawn on the map. For each leg you have flown the leg will be drawn on the map to your current position. Below, each leg will be marked in green so you can clearly see what the next route should be. For the Batavia I route is for each leg a diary available made by our reporter Angelique van Campen. She gives important information about the flight.

Rules and Regulations
Read the rules and regulations carefully because it tells you how the flight should be logged and under which conditions / restriction it must be flown.

Status all pilots
On this page you can see where your fellow pilots are.

To download aircrafts, flight plans and Terrain Mesh you must be logged in.

Have a lot of fun by doing your own historical flight.