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Where shall I begin with the KLM history? You should say .. that's not that difficult but believe me, it is.

After the KLM sees it's light of day on October 7th, 1919 there is so much to tell about this company, but let's concentrate to a specific period, the Amsterdam-Batavia time and the London-Melbourne race. This is already a history by itself! In those days the KLM was one of the few airlines in Europe. They started first with European flights but soon extended this to Batavia with a flight duration of 22 days but finally could reduce this to 5½ days. That big difference was mainly a result of better and faster airplanes but also the engines became much more powerfull. To give you an idea, the F.VII H-NACC had originally a 375 hp engine while the star-engine on the Douglas DC3, which was also known as TwinWasp R1830, produced 1350 hp.

Click on the picture to enlarge
Click on the picture to enlarge

In other words ... there is really so much to tell about this period. You cannot stop once you begin. It's so much that we've decided to introduce different pages. Under History you will find the story about the
Fokker F.VII/VIIb-3m and for the Douglas DC2/DC3. In relation to the Fokker airplanes it doesn't mean that other types are not discussed but those two types have the relation with Flight Simulator 9 / FSX offered models.

What can I say else ..... just enjoy the historic stories.