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Historical Flights

A warmly welcome,

Finally you can start doing your own historical flight from Amsterdam to Batavia or from London to Melbourne.

But how did it all start? Let's have a quick look in the long KLM history.

During his childhood period Albert Plesman, and even Anthony Fokker where fascinated by airplanes. On October 7th, 1919 he and seven other business men founded the N.V. Koninklijke Luchtvaartmaatschappij voor Nederland en Koloniƫn (KLM). As lieutenant-pilot Albert Plesman first became the administrator, later director. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands gave the company it's royal status. The KLM's headquarter was located on the Herengracht in The Hague.

The first passenger flight was made on May 17th, 1920 from London to Amsterdam. The payload during this flight where no more then two passengers and a lot of British newspapers. A few months later KLM bought it's own DH-9, which could carry no more then 2 passengers. At October 1st, 1924 KLM made it's first commercial intercontinental flight to Batavia with a Fokker VII. The leg was in total 16.000 kilometers, which was flown in 22 days. Pilots didn't have any navigations means, they where just flying by looking to churches, cities, rivers etc.

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