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From beginning 2017 KLM-VA has introduced a certificationprogram whereby VA-pilots can qualify for a type-rating on an aircrafttype of the current active fleet.
We continue this road and add historic type-certficates as KLM has flown many different aircrafttypes in the past. We are starting the HISTORIC aircraft certification programs from 2018.
In the recent history of KLM we have seen the phase out of the following aircrafttypes:
2014 October = MD11 last flight
2017 October = Fokker-70 last flight
2020 October = Boeing747 last flight
So pilots can now become certified on these historic KLM aircraft: MD-11, Fokker-70 and Boeing747.
KLM-VA has created new certification programs for retired aircrafttypes in much the same manner as for the actual fleet. However there is a difference.
Of any phased-out KLM aircrafttype we collect all ever available flights from our database in order to determine how much flights are needed to earn a specific historic certificate.  Therefore this maximum number of flights will become a fixed number, that does not depend anymore on the ever changing number of flights in an active schedule.  Scheduled flights flown in the certificationprogram of the active fleet will stay valid if a certain aircrafttype transfers to the historic fleet.
KLM-VA pilots who achieve a HISTORIC type-rating certificate, will be granted a special HISTORIC certificate award on their profile page!
Type rating certificates:

Searching a historic scheduled flight

Any KLM pilot can start a historic type certification at any given moment within his KLM career.
We have created a database of all historic KLM flights flown by the historic aircrafttypes.
The database of KLM IATA-flights is available from the “Historic schedules” - “Search historic flight” tab and this shows the complete inventory of the KLM-VA historic scheduled flights.
A pilot that wants to start a type-certification needs to find his specific aircrafttype within these pages which are by default sorted on flightnumbers.
When starting to plan a historic certification flight, the pilot can make use of the following procedures:
a) Click on the "Search historic flight" menu and then sort on any available colomn to find a specific flight,
   like Departure, Arrival or Aircrafttype.

b) Another useful way to find a specific flight is to make use of the Search function.
   Click in the "Search historic flight" menu on a selective Aircrafttype: MD11 or F70, or fill in any other search criterion;
   this will filter out only the specific flights for that search criterion.
   Any flightnumber displayed in the color orange has already been flown (by you) and counts only once.

HISTORIC Certificates

The KLM-VA pilot has to complete at least 50%, 75% or 100% of all available flights of a specific aircrafttype to get the following certification status:
50% = bronze 75% = silver 100% = gold
Compared with the active KLM flights, these historic scheduled flights are fixed and will not change in numbers. So the pilot knows exactly how many flights are to be made to collect the medals.
On that note: once an active aircrafttype being phased out has reached a minimum number of required flights, the Type certification is transfered to the Historic Aircrafttype certification program.
One more thing about the certificates: they can be current or non-current. A certificate is current if you have flown 12 flights or more on the aircraft type in the last 365 days. These may be scheduled flights or non scheduled flights. The certificate has a stamp with the year it was last current. If at the end of a year you have flown less than 12 flights with the aircraft type of the certificate, the year-stamp will not be renewed until you have met the rule of 12 flights in the last 365 days.


Since there are some regulations for the scheduled flights, pilots must follow some basic rules that will be validated strictly.

- Fly online
- Use only a KLM Callsign identifier!
- Mention in the REMARKS field of the Flightplan the following:
   HISTORIC/IATA-code   aka.   HISTORIC/KL0428
   You must specify the flightnumber in 4 digits!
- ICAO airport codes in the Flightplan must be correct at the start of the leg.
   Departure and arrival locations (coördinates) will be checked.
   The pilot is responsible to ensure the flightplan is correct before takeoff.
   Flights with the wrong Departure / Arrival or Flightrules (I) or Type of Flight (S)
   will NOT be accepted as type-rating flight!
- ICAO Aircrafttype in the Flightplan must be correct for that specific leg of the scheduled flight, no exceptions!
   Noncompliance with these rules will result in your leg being rejected!