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Theoretical Exam

You're just a few steps away from being a KLM-VA pilot. Now take your time for the theoretical exam. If you succeed you can do a circuit flight at Groningen Eelde Airport and you are ready as a full licensed KLM-VA pilot!

This multiple choice examination will test your skills on the following areas:

- ATC (Air Traffic Control - Phraseology etc.)
- Filing a flight plan (EET, DCT, Speed, Mach, FL etc.)
- Aircraft and Controls (lift, drag, thrust, flaps, AOA etc.)
- Flying online (STAR, SID, ILS, Clear for … etc.)
- Navigation (VOR, ADF, NDB, FMS etc.)

To prepare yourself you can find much of the required knowledge online, a.o. on the IVAO Training site where you can find/download many things like “Instruction Pack”, “Metar”, “Flightplan” etc.
Also your simulator package may contain a lot of theory and training material (like MSFS - Microsoft Flying lessons).

Regarding the examination we have the following rules:
- In total 25 random questions.
- You have 45 minutes to finish the examination.
- Passing grade will be 68%.
- Any not answered question means incorrect .... so wrong!
- Opening another page or using the BACK button or FORWARD button or otherwise leaving the exampage or
  switching to another page in your browser during the exam, will end the exam and make it invalid!
- So the only valid way to close the exam is to push the "Submit answers" button at the end of the questionnaire.

Some advice:
- When you don't understand a question, don't stay too long on that one. Leave it open and continue with the rest.
  At the end you can check for yourself which ones you left open and most important ...
- Read the question carefully before answering!
- Watch your time.
- The exam is in English; if this is not your native language - do not use any automatic translate options or plug-ins
  in your browser as they might lead to strange and not understandable translated questions.

Good luck and we hope to welcome you soon as a KLM-VA pilot!

Are you ready?!
If you have registered yourself on this site and you have recieved an "Activation of your KLM-account" email and have logged in with the username and password, you can now click on the "Start examination" button herebeneath.
If not, then you see no Start-examination-button and you first have to register ("Apply as a KLM-VA pilot" in the above "Join us" menu) and/or login with your username and password.