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KLM-VA Flight Academy

The KLM-VA Flight Academy is the place for KLM-VA pilots to learn real flying like the pros. Since the beginning of 2015, a close cooperation with the Flight Academy,, has been established.

All the regular offerings of the Flight Academy of course are open to our pilots. However, in addition to the regular packages the Flight Academy offers, we have made some special arrangements for KLM-VA pilots.

The modules in the table below are offered exclusively to KLM-VA pilots. The selection of the modules has been made based upon suggestions and opinions of our pilots. Each of these modules just takes a few hours in preparation and exercising, so you don’t have to get involved for longer periods, but can take them one by one if you wish. There is of course also no need to take them in any particular order, just pick your favourite(s). Since the beginning of 2017 the Flight Academy charges € 2,50 for each module. The first 9 modules we have selected are listed below:

   [NB: Module 9 “IAF” only after completing module 4 “Holding Pattern”]

As you can see, there is some interesting stuff for all levels, from the newbie pilot to the senior captain. Everybody can pick a module with items that you as a pilot would like to be able to perform if necessary.

How does it work?

If you are interested to participate in an interesting evening learning and practicing than send an email to The Coordinator will take care of your wishes in training and see that it will be adequately filled in.

Should you have wishes for additional modules, then do not hesitate to contact the Coordinator or post in the Q and A section of the forum. If there is enough demand, we will make additional modules available.

Any questions? Contact the coordinator or post in the Q and A section of the forum.