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Flight execution hints

Execution of the flight
When executing a flight for our VA, please check that your flight is visible on the Flight Movements page. If it isn't, your callsign and/or KLM-VA remark are not conform the rules. Also observe the online times before going offblocks and after having come to onblocks. These should be minimal 6 minutes to enable correct registration on our website. But they should not exceed 20 minutes; after all: we are an airline and our pilots should fly instead of collect hours. Your KLM-VA-hours will only be counted between these time limits.

Callsign & Remarks
Allowable callsigns for a KLM-VA flight start with: KLM, KL, KLC, AFR, AF, MPH, TRA or NAF. These prefixes are to be followed by at least 1 numeric character and then some free format characters; the length of the callsign must be 5 to 7 characters.
Note that not all pilot-clients accept a 2-letter prefix.
In Field 18 of your flightplan, the remarks field, the following text has to be present: KLM-VA or KLM VA or KLMVA or KLM_VA.

Sim crash or disconnections
If your simulator or PC unanticipated should crash or when your network connection with IVAO or Vatsim is out of order our website will allow you to be disconnected for a maximum of approximately 25 minutes. When you restart and reconnect within this timeframe, both sessions will be counted as one. In other words: you can end your flight without having to start all over again. There are situations, however, when you do not want to continue a flight. In that case you can start a flight with another departure and/or destination or you can wait for 30 minutes and then start the same flight again.

KLM World Time Table
If you are looking for a real life KLM, AIR FRANCE, and partners flight to simulate, a good first information source is the World Time Table. The World Time Table uses city names and country or airport (IATA)codes to select a flight. You can find information on distance, used aircraft types and of course times in this table.

Route Finder
To collect your route for this flight go to Routefinder or Online Flight Planner; but first translate your IATA codes to ICAO codes because only ICAO codes will be accepted by these Routeplanners. You can do this at website.

For a near-professional flightplanning tool you can visit Simbrief that - besides a route - also gives you fuel-planning, loadsheets, en-route weather, etc. Please refer to the separate Simbrief Flightplanner Tab in the Operations section of our website for more details.

Fuel and Loadsheet Planner
To plan the amount of fuel you need for your flight or to produce a loadsheet go to Fuel Planner.

Time- and Distance Calculation
To estimate duration and fuel-usage for this flight go to the Time & Distance Calculator where you can use both IATA codes and ICAO codes.

Runway usage at Schiphol
See the actual runway usage at Schiphol - Amsterdam; the homebase of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

Finding charts is different for every country.
Searching <Airport-ICAO-code> + keyword "charts" in Google often gives a good result.
As for the Netherlands you can find charts and other aeronautical information in the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package