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How to join?

First of all: to be able to fly for the KLM-VA you have to be a member of IVAO and/or Vatsim, because all our flights are performed online on one of those networks.

Should you not have done that yet, than please apply for a membership on the network of your choice first.

Okay, now you have a Vatsim or IVAO ID, you can proceed with the application. Below you see a number of buttons. Each is marked with a short description of your current status regarding the networks. Please choose the button which describes your status:



If you are curious what the differences are before you push the relevant button, please read on:

  • IVAO FS1 and FS2 and Vatsim P0- (P0 with 0 Vatsim flying hours) have to participate in a written test with basic questions related to aviation
  • IVAO FS3 and Vatsim P0 pilots are allowed to skip this test
Both categories mentioned above will be Candidate First Officer after admittance. This rating is time limited. You have to leave this rating to become a First Officer within 1 year from the admittance date. There are two ways to leave this category:
  1. Make a practical test with the Cessna 172 or comparable aircraft at EHGG airport
  2. Perform more than 50 flight hours

If you have a PP or higher at IVAO or P1 or higher at Vatsim you will immediately be admitted as a First Officer without the need to do any tests.

Please note: that as Candidate First Officer, your status is limited in that, you do not have access as yet to a number of KLM-VA services, such as Tours an PQI, as they are only available to FO or higher ranks. Access to the Forum and Discord is only available to CFO's who regularly fly with us after joining KLM-VA. It is our objective, to have you on board as a fully qualified member as soon as possible!

Some closing remarks:

  • After admittance as (Candidate) First Officer, you are completely free to pick up any aircraft you like and fly anywhere you like, to have fun and enjoy your membership. The only obligation you have is to make a flight at least once a month.

  • For those who are familiar with flowcharts: below a diagram that shows the different opportunities to join us in a nutshell:

The KLM-VA team