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 Callsign↓   Network ID  Full NameCityCountryFlight timeCompany
KLM-VA Rating
KLM002 I  185072Apeldoorn898 hrs5585Badge Flight Student
KLM003 I  580894
V 1417470
Krimpen aan den IJssel564 hrs1550Badge Flight Student
KLM004 I  112596
V 819367
Hayling island247 hrs1580Badge Flight Student
KLM009 I  242849Goiania0 hrs0Badge Flight Student
KLM013 I  108142
V 1241388
Sintra-Lisboa572 hrs720Badge Flight Student
KLM014 I  209968
V 1434583
Amersfoort5450 hrs28403Badge Flight Student
KLM018V 1427354Cardiff37 hrs80Badge Flight Student
KLM019 I  635371
V 1414144
Klerksdorp347 hrs350Badge Flight Student
KLM022 I  384993Almere639 hrs1915Badge Flight Student
KLM023 I  272710
V 834318
San Mateo74 hrs195Badge Flight Student
KLM025V 1136098Alexandrov52 hrs85Badge Flight Student
KLM026 I  375114Bogota30 hrs75Badge Flight Student
KLM027V 1516031Sao Paulo5 hrs10Badge Flight Student
KLM028 I  404413Santa Rosa455 hrs7785Badge Flight Student
KLM030 I  541054
V 1557323
Stockholm61 hrs195Badge Flight Student
KLM034 I  358786Franeker3256 hrs15578Badge Flight Student
KLM035V 1553443Apeldoorn7 hrs10Badge Flight Student
KLM037 I  160762Codogno44 hrs335Badge Flight Student
KLM039V 839363Leeds526 hrs2310Badge Flight Student
KLM040 I  389043OETF1896 hrs3785Badge Flight Student