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Ratings & Company points

Ratings reflect the amount of practice that you have achieved with the KLM-VA, based on time spent on controls and number of company points acquired.
Let us first take a look at how you can earn company points at the KLM-VA:
The system aims to make it more attractive for our pilots to remain with our VA and to participate in the events our Events Department organises. It provides a head start for pilots taking part in events, making use of the facilities of the KLM-VA Flight Academy and taking responsibility for appointments they have made when participating in events, thereby reflecting a pilot ‘s commitment to our VA.
That is also the reason why pilots with the Candidate First Officer rating do not have access to all the benefits our VA offers. You will first have to attain the First Officer status before the forum, events, tours, pilot library and some other benefits are accessible.
Please view the table below for ways in which you can earn Company Points:

What do I have to do?
How many
do I get?
For every flight you make that is registered on the KLM-VA website:
For every flight you have filed in our KLM-VA pirep system and that has been accepted by our validator:
For participating in a one-day KLM-VA event, if you have signed up (allowed until the starting hour of the event):
These points will add to the points you earn for the flight and the flight hours
Flying a leg of one of our Tours:
These points will add to the points you earn for the flight and the flight hours
Finishing a complete Tour:
These are extra points you obtain for completing a Tour and these add to the other points for legs, flights and hours
VA merits
E.g.: for every learning module you participate in at the KLM-VA Flight Academy
No show
If you sign up for an event and don't show up, we will subtract points, independently of the reason why you didn't show, unless you have signed off. Sign off is allowed until midnight before the day of the event

The Company Points system works without any special action needed to be taken by the pilot. Points earned will be added automatically to your KLM-VA account. In detail: the flight hours and number of flights are added fully automatically through our website. The points for participation in events and FA-modules are added (or – this hopefully does not occur too often: subtracted) by the Event Manager and the Flight Academy Coordinator. To grant the Company Points for events, the Event Manager can only take into account participants that have signed up for the event. With most of our one-off events, you can sign up until the event starts. If you already have signed in, but are not able to participate, then you should sign off from the event. This is possible until midnight before the event starts. In that way you avoid that there are points subtracted from your company points account. The ratings of our KLM-VA pilots are based upon this Company Point system. Promoting to higher ranks, you will not only need Company Points, but also flying hours. Please see the table below:

KLM-VA Ranking
Balance of Company Points
Candidate First Officer
IVAO FS3 or Vatsim P2 Ranking or succesfull theoretical KLM-VA exam but less than 50 flying hours and no succesfull exam circuit flight yet
First Officer
Less than 100
Senior First Officer
Between 100 and 250
Between 250 and 500
If also more than 150 flying hours:
Flight Captain
Between 500 and 1000
Senior Captain
Between 1000 and 2000
If also more than 625 flying hours:
Senior Flight Captain
Between 2000 and 4000
If also more than 1.250 flying hours:
Junior Airline Pilot
Between 4000 and 8000
If also more than 2.500 flying hours:
Airline Pilot
Between 8000 and 16000
If also more than 5.000 flying hours:
Senior Airline Pilot
Between 16000 and 32000
If also more than 10.000 flying hours:
More than 32000

Note: for those pilots who have an FS3-ranking at IVAO or a P2-ranking at Vatsim or – alternatively - have done our written admittance test (IVAO FS1 and FS2 or Vatsim P1 or less), but have not yet successfully made their test flight at EHGG nor have flown their 50 hours, only the time-limited Candidate First Officer rank is open, regardless the number of Company Points they may have accumulated. See the "How to join" page (under menu "Company") for details.