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The Acars system

In order to register your flights in greater detail than the samples over the network allow us to do, we have a so called ACARS-system available. ACARS stands for: Aircraft Communications And Reporting System and it is a peace of software that runs parallel to your flightsimulator on your flightsimulator computer-configuration. You start it after you have started the flightsimulator and you stop it at the end of your flight and then you submit the gathered information to the network, where also your flightlog is stored.
KLM-VA uses a general-purpose Acars-system that is customized for the KLM-VA system.
You can download the Acars-system from the KLM-VA download-pages (Main Menu - Resources & Benefits - Pilot Library - under Utilities).
You unpack the package and move the folder (fsacars) to the C: drive. If you move it to C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files(X86) then you have to start fsacars in Administrator-mode.
After you have put the fsacars-folder in place, you only have to adjust the userconfig.txt file. This file should contain your KLM-VA userid (=callsign) on line 1 and your KLM-VA website password on line 2. Nothing more or less.
Now Acars is ready for use.
Start your flightsimulator, logon to the network and start fsacars.
You now see the window below.

Check whether the FSUIPC-indicator left-below in the acars-window is green. This will be the case when you are online on the network.
Now press the acars-START-button (thereafter you can minimize the acars-window) and do your flight.
At the end of your flight (after the flight status on the site shows "arrived at the gate" and before you exit the simulator) press the acars-STOP-button and thereafter the acars-SEND-button (send will take only a few seconds).
Now you can view the acars-report in your flight-details on the website. And if you participate in the PQI-program you can see how your report has contributed to your PQI.
With the options under "Acars-utilities" you can also view the positions of other Acars-flights at KLM-VA and you can have a detailed view of your last Acars-flight. These options are available independant of PQI-participation.
One important remark: although you can register flights from and to airport-codes that are not in our database (we do not have all small grass-fields in our database), you can not register acars-reports from these fields! You can recognize unknown airport-codes (to our database) on the "Flight-movements" page from the airport-description "not in library".

Good luck with Acars!
The KLM-VA team

Another important remark: only use versions of fsAcars that you download from the KLM-VA download-pages (Main Menu - Resources & Benefits - Pilot Library - under Utilities). Also do not use the update-facility of fsAcars, but get your new versions from the KLM-VA download-pages. Only then you can be sure that your fsAcars version fits with the KLM-VA website.