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- Can I also download and use the standard FSACARS package to submit my KLM-VA acars reports?
No, the standard FSACARS package is not adaquate parameterized for the KLM-VA site.

- I have started FSACARS, but it does not register my flight.
  There can be lots of reasons for this, but a few tips are:
  • Verify the right version of FSUIPC is installed (for FSX, P3D or XP; XPUIPC for X-Plane)
  • Verify you have .NET 4.5 or later installed on your Windows configuration
  • If you have FSAcars installed in Program Files or Program Files (x86) you the need to Run it as Administrator
  • Antivirus software may need to be temporarily disabled, and/or set to ignore FSAcars
  • Web blocking software (eg., Trend Micro) users must add the domain to their exception list
  • FSAcars is currently not compatible with Mac or Linux
  • Put the right userid (on line 1) and password (on line 2) in the userconfig.txt file in your fsacars folder
    Your userconfig.txt file should look like:

- Can I still submit a PIREP for a flight with an ACARS-report?
Yes you can! We encourage you to do so, because you can earn an additional 5 Company points that way.

- Can I exclude a flight from the PQI-score if I have a bad ACARS-report, particularly in case that this is not or not entirely my fault?
No, that is not possible, at least not afterwards. Also deleting of an PQI-flight afterwards is not possible.
You can however exclude a flight on forehand, for instance if you are doing a testflight that you do not want to count in the PQ index. Just put NOPQI in the Remarks of your flightplan.
If you believe that you have been disadvantaged in your PQI score by a network or website error, you may have an acars flight removed (or corrected) by sending a copy of the sessionlog.txt file (in the fsacars folder of your flightsim configuration) to KLM-VA, that shows a complete and valid log of the flight in question, proving that the unwanted or missing Acars report is not your fault (nor your responsibility!).

- Why am I not mentioned in the "List Quality Pilots"?
Probably because you did not yet inform the Administrator ( that you want to participate in the PQI-program;
or: somewhere in your PQI-program a series of 10 flights or more were performed without sending in an ACARS-report nor were these flights excluded from the PQI-program by a NOPQI remark in the flightplan; you are then assumed not to take part in the PQI-program anymore.

- I would like to reset my PQI because I am not satisfied with the results until now. How can I do that?
You can ask the administrator ( to reset your results and give a new starting date for your participation in the PQI. However, please bear in mind that each reset will cost you 100 company points and the number of resets is limited to a maximum of 2 times a year.

- Can I also use Acars as an (offline) tracking tool and send in the Acars-track of my flight to log it on the KLM-VA site?
No, we do not use Acars as a tracking tool, just as a measurement tool for flight-performances. You have to fly online.

- How can I influence my flightsim configuration so that improbable figures in ACARS-reports are less likely to occur?
FSACARS software relies heavily on correct communication with your flightsimulator and on accurate calculations on the flight-situations it encounters. Therefore on a heavily loaded configuration (a lightweight computer, a computer that is overloaded with flightsim add-ons, or a flightsim configuration on a complex network) it is more likely that FSACARS misses important signals or does not get enough computing power to interprete encountered flight-situations correctly.
Another important factor is to have the right version of FSUIPC (or XPUIPC) in place and to have it well-installed and well-configured.
And in a networked flightsim configuration is it important to have your connections in a good shape and to have your router(s) well configured.