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- Why is flight X not in the table of type Y, the real KLM yet also flies that leg with that type?
Because it has been decided that 100% accuracy is not feasible, is not automatable, and we as staff cannot work that out. This is what we have decided, this is not discussable.

- Why changed my Type Rating X to a lower precious metal label?
Probably because more flights are made you fell below the level required by aircraft type X. You'll have to make more unique flights of type X to earn that rating again.

- Why changed my Type Rating Y to a higher precious metal color?
Probably because this type of aircraft is phasing out and there are fewer flights in the scheduled flight database available. Your percentage of flown legs is then higher and thus you have reached the next rank.

- Why is my flight not validated?
Because your ICAO Aircraft type does not match with this flight in the scheduled flights database
Because your Departure / Arrival ICAO airport code do not match with this flight in the scheduled flights database
Because your ICAO Flightrules was set wrong, instead VFR IFR
Because your ICAO Type of Flight was set wrong, other than S(cheduled)
Because in-flight you changed ICAO-codes, this is not allowed!
Because you did not use a KLM Callsign, this is required!
Read the rules again!

- Can I fly a certain scheduled flight more than once?
Yes you can, but it only counts once for the certificate. In the type rating overview however, in addition to the number of unique flown scheduled flights (that count for the certificate), the total number of flown scheduled flights is also made visible.

- Can I file a Pirep for a Scheduled flight?
Yes you can file a Pirep and a Scheduled flight is equally valued as any other flight.

- Will my flight stay valid if it is removed from the scheduled flight list?
Yes, once a valid scheduled flight will stay valid even if it is removed from the scheduled flight list.

- How are the schedules composed?
In the past, KLM published its (summer- and winter-)schedules. But with the rapid market changes of today, schedules change so frequently and in such a short term that publication in the longer term is no longer meaningful. That is why we determine by means of a statistical analysis on the actually flown destinations what apparently (and approximately) the actual schedules are. This is an analysis afterwards and therefore by definition lags behind reality. In principle, we do this analysis once every quarter and the baseline is that a destination must have been visited at least once a week (with a certain aircraft type) in the past quarter. In special times, such as during pandemics, we deviate from this.