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´╗┐As a KLM pilot you have to keep uptodate. Due to cost-saving measures collaboration with other airlines becomes more and more important. This means adaptation, also for the pilots, to continue their job. There are more and more pilots who have "second jobs", such as assisting the ground crew or in some cases even their colleagues in the luggage-handling. To reduce costs as much as possible it is very important that you as a captain perform the flights with minimum delay. You take care that you leave on time, that the flight schedule is respected and that all passengers and cargo are on board in time. For this there are KLM points to be earned in this tour. See the terms and conditions for the explanation. Since 2003, KLM merged with Air France whereby KLM became a SkyTeam member. This was to ensure continuity and employment. What was not foreseen is the ongoing raise of the fuel prices. There above came even stronger setbacks such as SARS and the bird flu epidemic, by which the passenger-branch of the group was heavily threatened because passangers no longer dared to travel. Meanwhile we are in a global financial crisis that also has an impact on the current air traffic. To date, it is fortunately not really noticeable in the passenger-branche but the cargo-branch has been significantly affected. In order to persue further savings, we try to detach our pilots to other airlines. Fortunately, our "boys" are so popular (thanks to the good training here in the Netherlands) that they make flights even outside SkyTeam. The advantage is that our pilots thereby can fly criss-cross through Europe and therefore can explore our continent. This tour takes us also by most countries of Europe. The flights will be made with various Fokkers, Boeings, Airbuses, Embraer's, etc. With 53 legs nearly all major and some local airports are visited. Read the instructions carefully per flight. For KLM-VA will be strict in validating the flights. So use the appropriate aircraft or indicated replacement aircraft.

The reward for a completed tour is a badge on your profile page

But there is more. Like mentioned earlier in this introduction, with this tour you can earn KLM points for a more or less perfect executed flight.
In this tour you can earn up to 30 KLM points per leg.
Go to the map and click on your first / next leg!

KLM Points system:
  • Exact or shorter push back/onblocks time
  • 25 points
  • Push back/onblocks within 10% timelimits
  • 10 points
  • Correct aircraft
  • 5 points

Minus points:
  • Aircraft from another category (CAT B instead of CAT C or vice versa): -25 points
  • CAT A and/or CAT D: Leg rejected

The general terms and conditions for all flights are:
  • Put EURO14 (and KLMVA) in the "Other information" field of your flightplan
  • All filghts must be flown in the specified order and online on IVAO or Vatsim with real weather and real time
  • A disconnection of utmost 30 minutes is allowed (due to a crash of the simulator and/or computer) to restart your computer
  • Flight duration may deviate up to 10% of the flights in the real world. This is indicated per leg. Please note that the indicated time is the Push back/On block time (not take-off/touch down time)
  • Use the indicated or replacement aircraft types: Livery not mandatory. Replacement aircraft for CAT B are: Embraer 170/175/190/195, Avroliner RJ85, RJ900, Fokker F50 and F70/F100 and DH4. Replacement aircraft for CAT C are: Airbus A318, A319, A320 and A321. Also all Boeing 737 types are included. CAT A and CAT D are excluded from participation in this tour. (So no SEP, B747, B777, A330, A340, A380 etc etc.) This is indicated per leg.

Good luck and happy landings!