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Welcome to the WILD-WEST TOUR

This tour will take you through beautiful areas across the United States. Your goal is to promote the KLM-VA by hand out wooden shoes on any airport you land upon. However you have to follow the route thats been given. Before Take Off read the instructions first (see Menu).

You will fly with different type of aircrafts. Next to the jet-engine, you will find yourself in a turbo prop like the Cessna Caravan which can land on water. Or how about the good old DC3?! You will visit places like Mineapolis, New York watching the state of liberty, San Francisco and see the Golden Gate Bridge and you will lay on the beach of the Florida Keys. Of course Las Vegas is included where you can spend all your money!

On the Wild-West map you can click on the cities you have visit. It gives you a nice photo of the city itself and gives information about it.

If you don't want to fly alone, post a message on our form to contact other interested pilots.

Good luck and we see you at the end of the tour where you will receive your Wild-West badge!