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A few days in the life of a workhorse called "Jasper National Park" (PH-BVP)

As from November 29 2020 you can no longer log flights on this tour.
This subsite of the tour will for the time being stay online as an archive.

What is this tour about?
This tour offers you the opportunity to relive a few days of flying activity of one of KLM's latest workhorses, the Boeing 777-306(ER)/B77W PH-BVP "Jasper National Park".
We have taken no particular point in time, just a few days in June 2016, with all the regular flights the "Jasper National Park" performs during such normal working days.

What's the goal?
 Reliving the normal rhythm of a Triple Seven is the goal. Every leg you complete yields company points. And if you file a PIREP in our KLM-VA PIREP system you might get 80 extra points for each leg.

How does it work?
 • 5 automatically assigned company points for the leg, as usual
 • 25 company points are automatically assigned if the following conditions are met:
     - you have the correct remarks "WORKHORSE773" and "KLM VA" or "KLMVA" in your flightplan
     - your flightplan states a correct aircraft
     - time between off- and on-blocks is within the limit
     - you are flying the legs in the correct order
 • It is possible to earn yet another 80 points if the automatic flight validation is OK. Then you may file a flight report in the KLM-VA PIREP
   system within 7 days after the flight. An approved PIREP automatically delivers 5 company points.
   The other 75 extra points are assigned if the validator is satisfied with the following aspects:
     - For the first two legs of this tour: your flight plan is a valid flight plan that meets the requirements of the North Atlantic Track System.
        For the other legs: the prescribed flight plan is followed.
     - Your route flown is equal to the route in the flightplan (no shortcuts), with the exception of an obligatory other route assigned by ATC.
        The validator will only consider this exception if you have mentioned the name of the relevant ATC-unit in the comments-field of your
     - The cruising altitude flown corresponds with the prescribed and/or filed altitude within a limit of + or - 500 ft.
        Exception is the same as above.
     - All other aspects of a correct flight operation, at the discretion of the validator
 • If you have earned at least 25 company points for each of the 6 legs, you will have completed the tour and will get the "Workhorse773"
   badge on your pilot profile.

Good luck and happy landings!