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A Week in the life of a workhorse called Partridge

What is this tour about?
After 5 years it has become time to renew the 737 Workhorse Tour. After all, the first 737 Workhorse Tour has been one of the most successful tours in the history of the KLM-VA.

This new tour offers you the opportunity to relive a week of flying activity of one of KLM’s 737-800 workhorses, the PH-BXW “Partridge”.

Unlike the first edition of the Workhorse Tour, we now have taken an imaginary week out of the live of the PH-BXW. Although in this tour some of the flights in the schedule could have been reality, we have nevertheless added destinations that differ a lot from the ordinary real ones. Doing so, we hope to make the 40 legs also not too boring for our hardcore 737 pilots who have already made all the scheduled flights for the 737. Moreover, we took the opportunity to mingle quite some difficult airfields in the list. Sometimes an approach is a challenge in itself, sometimes the runway is rather short, sometimes wind and weather may be spoilsports for a smooth landing…

What’s in it for me?

Because so many of our pilots joined our VA after the validity period of the first edition, therefore missing the extras of the first edition that had a limited validity, we have now decided to have no time limit on the validity of this tour. That means you can fly this tour until we announce it to be closed. This decision also has consequences for the rewarding scheme. It is not feasible to have elaborate rewarding schemes for a longer period where every flight needs to be manually evaluated. All evaluation will now be done automatically therefore.

With each leg you can earn the normal company points: 5 for the flight and 5 if you submit a correct Pirep of the flight.

Moreover, like in every tour, you earn an extra 25 points per leg if:
 • you have the correct remarks “WH737/2020” and “KLM VA” or “KLMVA” in your flightplan
 • your flightplan states a correct aircraft
 • you are flying the legs in the correct order

And eventually you may earn 10 bonus points per leg if:
 • time between off- and on-blocks is within the limits

However, you can loose 5 of these 10 bonus points if:
 • you are not using the indicated flightnumber as callsign for this flight

If you have completed all legs and earned at least 350 bonus points out of the 40 legs, you will have completed the tour and will get an extra 150 bonus points and the “Extended Workhorse Tour B737” badge on your pilot profile.

Good luck and happy landings!