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A Month in the life of a workhorse called "Nahanni National Park"

What is this tour about?
Welcome pilots, we have learned from experience and tried to improve the concept of the workhorse tour. This time we will not follow the schedule of a true workhorse for a couple of days, we will follow a B777 for an entire month. This will give you an insight of the busy life of an airline captain at the KLM.

The aircraft you will be flying throughout this tour is the PH-BQN. It is a 14 year old 777-206(ER) flying in the KLM Asia livery. Powered by 2 General Electric GE90-115b engines both producing 500kN of thrust. It might not be the youngest, but it truly is a beast.

For each flight we will give you a little bit of information about the leg. You can use this additional information at your own discretion, but it is not mandatory.

Regards, your Dispatcher for this Tour

What’s in it for me?

Because so many of our pilots joined after the validity period of the first edition, therefore missing the extras of the first edition after the validity limit, we have now decided to have no time limit on the validity of this tour. That means you can fly this tour until we announce it to be closed. This decision also has consequences for the rewarding scheme. It is not feasible to have elaborate schemes for a longer period, because every flight would need to be manually evaluated. All evaluation will now be done automatically therefore.

With each leg you can earn the normal company points: 5 for the leg and 5 if you submit a correct Pirep of the flight.

Moreover, you may earn an extra 25 points per leg if:

 • you have the correct remarks “WH777/2020” and “KLM VA” or “KLMVA” in your flightplan
 • your flightplan states a correct aircraft
 • you are flying the legs in the correct order

And eventually you may earn 10 bonus points per leg if:
 • time between off- and on-blocks is within the limits

If you have completed all legs and earned at least 190 bonus points out of the 22 legs, you will have completed the tour and will get an extra 150 bonus points and the “Extended Workhorse Tour B777” badge on your pilot profile.

Good luck and happy landings!